Paste link and avoid shortening?

Is there a way to paste a link and not have it shortened? I know I can use pre-formatted text, but then the link does not act as link. I also know I can copy the link and get all of it, but I do actually always want to see all of it.

Yes, you can, it’s explained in detail here: Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links

Thank you!!!

I actually read this before, but could not remember how it worked nor find it. Doing a community search for “link shortening” sure buried the lead.

BTW point of note re searching: using the macOs Agenda built-in community browser for searching is frustrating. If you search for something, follow the first link, then click back, it does not spit you out at the search page anymore!

How can I paste some text containing several links without getting the links shortened?

At the moment this isn’t possible yet, we’ll try to add an option to disable the link shortening in the substitutions menu.