Order of projects within the categories

Hello! How are the projects sorted within a category? It is not alphabetical. Do I have any influence on that?

They’re not sorted - you can order them yourself. New projects go at the bottom of the list until you move them.

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I think it would be more intuitive to add new projects to the top. Generally new projects are more likely to be actively used.

I think most apps default to putting new things in lists at the bottom. It is not very difficult to move things when you need to.

By default most apps do (eg Reminders) but apps like Mail give you an option.

I’m fine with older at the top as it reminds me to deal with older stuff that may be forgotten and/or ignored, or creating clutter that needs to be dealt with.

The reason we switched from newest on top to newest at the bottom is that you often add new projects for say a new time period, or version number, which would mean you would always have to move these. It’s more natural that current projects are at the top, that they get archived from the top when they’re done, and that new projects start at the bottom and as the older ones get archived, move again to the top.

One tip, if on Mac you control/right-click on a category you get the option to quickly sort the projects alphabetically.

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