Note title when using a template

What I did: Set up a template for a recurring meeting to create a note for every occurrence and then linked it to the meeting event on the calendar.

What happened: The template worked fine but when I link it to the meeting event from the calendar, the meeting details from the calendar didn’t get pulled in.

What I expected: I expected the meeting title to be inserted as the Note title and the details from the calendar invite inserted atop the note template contents.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): macOS Ventura 13.3.1; Version 17.0.2 (271) - Mac App Store

You will have to insert so-called placeholders in your template, as shown here Creating and Using Templates - #4 by system, like \event-title and \event-date

Not sure I’m doing it right.

When I add a note to the Project for the meeting type, I long-press and select a template that I have set up before. Then I link the date but although I have \event-notes(all) in the template body, nothing from the meeting details gets imported to the note from the calendar.

That indeed won’t work, you need to trigger the new note after clicking the event in the sidebar:

Oh great! I had never clicked on the event in the calendar to create a note. I had always created a note and then linked the event to the note. Thanks!

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