Mysteries of Template creation

What I did: Created a template using template manager. Included \event-title (as the title of the note), \event-notes and \event-date, with a list of tasks then included in the note.

Then I created a new note and linked it to a calendar event.

What happened: The text shows up, but none of the dynamic stuff showed up.

What I expected: The heading would be the event name, and then I would have the event date and notes from the event on the calendar

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Trying to work this out on MACOS but will eventually use on IOS.

Templates seem like a brilliant feature, but so much better with dynamic material. I’m puzzled and the “how to” doesn’t help me. Thanks for any help.

I’m afraid you have it the wrong way around, you need to create the new note directly from the event, instead of creating the note first from the template and then linking it, like this:

Yes, thanks, that’s helpful.

I see. “How to” not too helpful here.
I have also an interface suggestion but I will submit that separately

Thanks so much for replying

You probably missed the tip containing the same screenshot next to the event template placeholders in: Creating and Using Templates and Actions