Love it but struggling setting up Agenda as my main GTD

… there’s nothing to prevent you from creating and inbox project, use tags to mark notes with certain states, etc.

That feels a bit like a combination of reaching over my shoulder to scratch the itch on my butt and driving nails with a hammer, though—you can:joy:

Of course, you’re right: where there is a will, one can certainly find a way. And, as overly laborious as applying that workflow at scale sounds to me, I’m sure there are users with light enough task lists to make such an approach work for themselves.

All I’m offering here, as a thesis that speaks to @orencheni’s original message, is that there definitely exists a tipping point where Agenda will lead to more friction than benefit as a “GTD tool”.

All that said, I would support a YouTube channel, if indeed you guys had the bandwidth to organize and maintain it (that, too, is challenging work). From the activity I’m seeing in these community discussions, you may even get some good mileage from inviting the community to upload their own videos, which Agenda moderators could elect to feature by adding them to official playlists of videos from the community.

Anyway, I’m starting to suspect I’m procrastinating some work :wink: thanks again for the super enjoyable app.

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The YouTube videos are indeed high on my wishlist to spend some time on, there’s indeed a lot of requests. It’s difficult to find the time alas and so far when it comes to spending time developing vs spending time making the videos it always fell towards the former so far. I’m going to try to make a pilot and see how the reaction is. Thanks for the encouragement!

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A quick plug for yesterday’s NestedFolder podcast episode from @heyscottyj and @RosemaryOrchard in which they address exactly this question: “as a starting user how do I go about setting up my organisation”:

I agree with Scotty that often it’s best to start out simple, not trying to overthink the structure and organisation, and instead let it grow organically and adapt to your personal style and situation.


I agree with some people here that there is a last mile issue.

I love that I can create reminders within notes, that is one of Agenda’s game changers. I would like to kindly suggest that the next step be to

Create a pane that pulls all of those reminders (or tasks) from within notes and centralizes them into a single window/pane within Agenda.

Going further it would be great to see them ordered by date so people can get a sense of what is to come.

Idea: Once someone creates a reminder within a note (say in a “Next steps/ Tasks” section of a template for meeting notes), those reminders are viewable by date within Agenda in a pane only for reminders/tasks

@mekentosj is something like this in the pipeline?


Yes, these kind of overviews are something we’d like to add at some point


I really like the sound of this workflow. Would it be possible to get some more details? Thank you.

One suggest: Agenda is a common word and it’s not a good term for searching in Google…

I think you should create a new term to refer to the app. Something like AgendaApp or AgendaNotes, that can be considered like “official” name. Also it can be used like hashtag in Twitter.

That’s kind of pointless because then you would have to search for “agendaapp” or “agenda app” and if you do that today, Agenda is the top result already :laughing:. Vice versa, if you’d try to search for “agenda” looking for the now renamed “agenda app”, you’d still not find it. In other words, nothing would change.
And using the hashtag “agenda” doesn’t make much sense given we already have the @agenda handle. I don’t see any advantages there either. Unless I’m missing something?

:man_facepalming:t2: I didn’t mean to be able to find the official page using Google, or the official Twitter account… for that I don’t need Google!

The idea is to be able to find references, reviews, analysis, use cases, etc. generated by independent consultants, journalists, youtubers, productivity gurus… who are talking about Agenda.

I think I explained it better now.

Ah yes, for that it would perhaps be better. Don’t think that’s worth changing it though, if you just add the “notes” of “app” keyword to your query you’re there already.