Links to Agenda Notes Break when note is moved to other Project

What I did: Moved a note to another project which was linked to another note

What happened: When I click on the link to the moved note, link is broken (both in OSX and iOS)

What I expected: Links should follow the Notes regadless of moving them later when re-organizing projects. This is extremely important right now, since moving notes to an Archival project is a workaround until we have the feature of filtering for notes "marked as done”.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 2.0, Mojave Mac, iOS12

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Yes, we are aware of this issue. Sorry for the trouble. We have plans to fix it.


Oops, sorry chaps (@viktor.lakics and @drewmccormack), I think I’ve doubled up on this thread with my ramblings in “Copy As ... Agenda Link” Single Personality Desired.

Had I seen this thread earlier, I would have reacted quite differently - namely with a reply to this and my use case(s) to demonstrate the value of permalinks (my word for the week :blush: )

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