Link Note

What I did:i linked 2 notes

What happened:it works perfectly

What I expected:in note 1 there is no evidence to thelink to note 2 (symbol or link)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Versione 11.2.1 (160)

Correct, at this moment we don’t yet support so-called back-links, something we’d like to add.

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ok then, so how can I see that note is linked to another?
just appear an “hand” when I scroll through the note.
no other evidence.

Oh wait, maybe I understood your question incorrectly. When you link one note to the other, a blue clickable url should be inserted into the note with as text the title of the note you are linking to. Is this not the case?

Yes, that was what I’m asking for, but there is NOT blue clickable url aside.

Strange, could you send a screenrecording of the steps you take to


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Update: Agenda 14 now supports much easier insertion of links to other notes, as well as backlinks through the related notes panel in the inspector, you can see it in action here