Link note to Date and Time

I am just starting out with Agenda and use it for meeting notes (linked to calendar events), general notes, and impromptu events for unplanned phone calls or conversations. This puts my notes out of order because some notes have time from a calendar event and some just are set to the day.

Please add the ability to link a non calendar event note to not only a date but a date and time.

While I see why you’d want that, we felt that it would lead to a lot of extra complexity that we didn’t want to add. Having said that, you can simply manually reorder the notes in the correct order and perhaps use the new \date, \time and/or \now actions in the title or at the start of your notes. Notes that have the same date assigned (i.e. today) can be rearranged manually to reflect the order you’d like them to be in. Notes without any dates assigned can also be manually ordered to be at any location in project you like.

Every time I try and reorder is wants to turn a note into a footnote or strip away the date it has. Being able to assign a time to the notes reflect the timeline nature of the app seems like a simple feature to add.

As said, if two notes have the exact same day assigned, you should be able to drag them in the relative order you like. Only if you try to drag a note to a position where it would violate the date order it will ask you whether to remove the date. The footnote question is unrelated and has to do with whether you drag the note to the bottom of the project. If you answer “no, move it to the bottom” to the question whether to convert to a footnote, Agenda should do exactly that, allowing you to change the order while keeping the date.

If you see different behaviour than the above it might be a bug or regression, in case it would be great if you could send a series of screenshots or screen recording illustrating the above not being honoured.