iPad Pro pencil



I would love to beta test pencil support when it’s available. Please put me on your list.


First day user of the app - very happy with the Mac experience. I am also quite interested in pencil support on iPad. Once added will this be a Premium feature or available in the free version?


I use Notability for taking notes with my iPad Pro using the apple pencil but would love to be able to do the same with Agenda. Much easier to jot down notes when a call comes in. I also use One Note because it works on my iPad and syncs to my virtual desktop PC for work. One Note on the iPad has both text and pencil notes. To use it as my primary iPad note app I really need the ability to use my pencil on the iPad for Agenda. Hopefully soon!! Thanks


Are you able to provide any timing at all for basic drawing functionality so that I can have handwritten notes along with meetings? I feel the app is so close to being what I need (a real business journal that ties to my calendar). I am not interested in keeping parallel calendars (one with a journal and one with Outlook for example). If you had handwriting on the iPad with the Apple Pencil I would happily pay for it as a premium feature!!

Can you provide a very approximate date? If it’s in beta I would be very happy to try it and report back.



I’m afraid giving a date is very difficult. There are other projects we need to do first. It is certainly something that we plan to tackle this year, but can’t say more than that at this stage. Sorry.


GANZ GENAU - Pencil ein must für die Zukunft*


Hey guys. I just started using Agenda and it’s by far the best looking and most intuitive of the lot. I too am in the camp that needs to take handwritten notes and adding it will mean this pretty much does everything I need it to on the iPad Pro.

Is there an ETA on when you’re adding Pencil support? Even without the recognition to start with. Until then I have to toggle between a few different apps.

Thank you.


I agree completely and I’m afraid Agenda might get lost in the shuffle!!

Holly Norris


No ETA, sorry. It’s a high priority, but there are one or two higher at the moment. I do expect to tackle this this year, but can’t say when exactly.


Drew - wondering how much easier it would be for you, if any, to provide a Share sheet for a Text only ‘import’ to a new Note (not attachment) in Agenda… The user could define the ONE Project option (ie., Scratch Pad) in the Setting portion of the app for simplicity. Specifically in the case of Nebo (Pencil handwriting app) it already provides for export as plain text format to the Share options pop-up. As I understand, Agenda would then appear as an option in the Share app selections (to receive ONLY as text).


Yes, that is something we are investigating and planning.


Great. Looking forward to it.


Hello there, I’m a new user of Agenda with an iPad Pro. I couldn’t really follow the whole thread here, but there still is no way to write with an Apple Pencil in Agenda, correct? The only source of input is still a keyboard - can you please confirm?


As far as I know that is correct. Agenda folks have said they are working on it this year.

Holly Norris



Thanks @norrisws - appreciate the response. I love the product, it would really make my transition away from OneNote really easy, since I do write quite a bit. :slight_smile:


That’s correct. Apple Pencil support means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but you will start seeing us add support later this year, and building out the capabilities after that.


Apple pencil support would be the final thing to finally allow me to abandon Notability and use Agenda full-time!


It’s high on our list too. Stay tuned!


Thanks guys - I appreciate it! Looking forward to it. Also, personally, you guys have created an amazing product that connects Calendar to Notes and keep track of it. And your pricing model is amazing! Thank you!


Thanks for the encouragement!