iOS reminders always -1 day?

Setting reminders in a note does not seem to work properly.
It sets it a day back, as if it was a time zone issue.

What I did:

  • So I tried some tests…
    New notes are auto-set to Today.
    New Note > tap to change new note to a future date.

What happened:

  • Test date, Jan 26, 2021 PST TZ
  1. Note date: March 1, 2021.
    Results in reminder: Feb 28, 2021 with time 00:00 and unscheduled status.
    Method: \remind or \remind(offset: 1 day) or insert from keyboard.
  2. Same for if insert from keyboard,
    Note date: Jan 27, 2021.
    Results in reminder: Jan 26, 2021 with time 23:00 (probably cause it cannot be earlier than now) and unscheduled status.
  3. Note date: Today
    Works! Jan 26, 2021 with time 23:00 and unscheduled status.

What I expected:

  • Reminder to default, date of note 00:00 and unscheduled status.
    Perhaps scheduled status if time was passed in with \remind(18:00).

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

iOS Agenda v.12.0 (175)

I’m a bit surprised by the results because the \remind shortcut should not be dependent on the date associated to the note, it should always pick the current date unless you provide an explicit date. It sounds like you were testing this around the time of midnight, could this be the issue?

Please note that offset is not a supported parameter for the \remind action, see Creating and Using Templates and Actions

Nope. It isn’t dependent on near midnight. I just tried it.

  • Test date, Jan 28, 2021 2PM PST TZ
  1. Note date: Jan 29, 2021 .
    Results in reminder: Jan 28, 2021 with time 23:00 and unscheduled status.

Just to be sure I’m not missing anything, the correct behaviour is that on the 28th the \remind shortcut is always creating an unscheduled reminder on the 28th. Again, the shortcut is not taking the assigned date to the note into account. If you do this on the 31st in a note with an assigned date of 2 march, it will create an unscheduled reminder on what is then today, i.e. the 31st.

The fact that it is unscheduled makes sense because you didn’t give any indication at what time or day you want the reminder to be.

So the only thing that’s odd here is the 23h time it picks. Is this perhaps the time you have set in the Settings app > Reminders > All-Day Reminders ?

That reminder all-day setting for me is defaulted to 0900.

Ok I understand that Today is the intended default behavior. Is there a command to default the reminder to the note’s date though?
Perhaps add something like, \remind(date at 11am) so it can be auto?

Not at this moment, we’ll see what could be done there

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