Integration with other Apps

Over the years I have used many different calendar and scheduling Apps. Now I have only a handful (PlanPlus, OpusOne, LightArrow Organizer, and Apple’s own Apps) and so far I have managed to partly integrate the data. I would like to use Agenda, too, but I cannot figure out what integrates and what not. Calendar seems to integrate but Tasks do not come across in either direction. If there is a way please help.

You can have reminders show up in Agenda and you can create Reminders in Agenda. See here for details:

In addition to what @yatil mentions, also have a look at the Shortcuts section of the community on possible ways to integrate with other apps. Same goes for the Talk section where a number of users have described their workflows.

Thank you for your advice. Reminders are good but I would like task lists or individual tasks from Opus One to show up in Agenda. I have never worked much with Apple’s Reminders because they cannot give the information I need. Ideally I would like appointments in calendar with from and to dates (and time) and tasks in a separate unit where they can be moved around by duration. That way I can schedule tasks that don’t have specific times for a day or for a week and get them done by priority or duration around the appointments.

Have a look at the X-callback-url Support and Reference - #133 as it might be a basis for integration between the two apps.