How to collect todos from meeting notes right way?

I use Agenda a lot to take meeting notes for myself, not the shared ones. Various todos are often a page part of this. I tried different ways but none of them seems to cost less time than opening Reminders app and enter a todo there…

So, I tried a #todo tag and then tried to make pinned Search. It does not bring much since you just see all notes in full text mentioning #todo but not a list of lines with #todo

I also tried \reminder shortcust which brings a Reminder pop-up, does not copy anything from what you typed before and you need to type your reminder text seprately. An alarm clock is shown in notes afterwards w/o any information what that alarm is about

Did I miss something? How to do it right? Ideally would like to mark a text and define it being a todo shown either in seprate list in Agenda or in the Remnder app. Things like priority or deadlines are rather optional atm

When you type \remind at the end of a checklist item line, it should take the text of that item and make that the title of the reminder. Are you sure that isn’t working?

Agenda isn’t a task manager per se. I use it a lot for longer lists of check items. Only if an item has a fixed deadline do I add the reminder to it, so I get a notification and see it highlighted in the Reminders app.

We do have plans to add features for controlling what is shown in future. This would help the “#todo” approach, because you would only see the items that have that tag. Others would be hidden.

Thanks for the feedback!

Seems nice. Is there a option to add reminder without have the hassle to confirm the creation in the reminders app?

I’m not sure what you mean by “confirm creation in the reminders app”. If you type \remind in Agenda, you get a little sheet. Once you have filled in that, the reminder should be in Reminders. No need to do anything in the Reminders app.

Is that what you mean?

That is correct. Would be nice when \remind is sufficient without additional confirmations.

Agenda only works with reminders at a specific time, so you at least need to add that.

Note that you can enter the information like this \remind(tomorrow evening), ie put the date in the brackets. More info is at Creating and Using Templates and Actions - #4 by system

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