How does one paste a plain-text hyperlink into a note without it formatting itself?

What I did:
Tried to paste this plain-text string:
…into a note.

What happened:
It appeared as a hyperlink, like this:

What I expected:
The fully qualified text string so that it would be useful to me when copying/pasting into other artifacts.

Help, please?

Agenda shortens links to make them more readable, but it does preserve the full link. You should be able to click the link to open it properly, and copying the link into another app should work for most apps.

Kind regards,

Drew, thanks for explaining.

In this case, it makes it sort of more readable – but less useful in the context of trying to run a meeting. As you might imagine, the useful part is at the end – and being able to SEE that without clicking through is much-needed (there’s also no hover-over reveal on a hyperlink, so one really has to click through to know what the heck the link points to).

Right now, this is the one major annoyance I have with Agenda. Otherwise I’m loving it and am finding new ways of working it into my personal/professional life. And thank you for making it so beautiful. Sincere best wishes to the team!

Not sure I’d advice that workaround, I think a better one is to use the markdown syntax where you give your own link text to a link.

So instead of just type [Issue X]( which now becomes a link that looks better than both the full and shortened link: Issue X

See this article for more tips and tricks:

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