How do I track state?

I want to be able to track… let’s call them “things”. Things go through states from state1 to stateN but are only ever in one state. They are always in exactly one state. And I can list the states.

In other Apple apps this is variously called a category or a tag. Tags in Agenda are not mutually exclusive and can’t be placed on anything except a line of a note. So I can’t tag notes, or projects, or categories, even if I were willing to manage the mutual exclusion manually.

Categories are mutually exclusive but they aren’t, (and apparently can’t be), ordered. So there’s no easy way to get an ordered listing of things.

So… um… ideas? Suggestions?

Ooops. I see that categories can be ordered now. Thank you for that.

So can subcategories, which is even better.

I still wish I could tag notes, projects, and categories, but maybe I can make this work with categories now.

Initially we had the ability to tag notes that would appear below the text but it was just making things more complex, and it’s not different from just adding the tags to the first or last line of the note content itself, like we do in some of the sample documents. This is what I would suggest. Make sure to have a look at the ability to use tags with parameters to make tracking state easier: Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links

I think it is possible to use tags to track states today in Agenda, though not quite as elegantly as I might like. For example let’s say we have the following states for a prospect:

  • Unqualified
  • Qualified
  • Discussion
  • Closed
  • Lost

I could tag a note with the tag @prospect(unqualified) and then as it moves from one state to another, change the tag as appropriate, for example from the aforementioned tag to @prospect(qualified) when they hit that state. That would let me search for specific states.

Where I say not as elegant as I would like is it would be very elegant if I could define my various tag states and order such that the following would occur.

  • When I enter a new tag, for example “@prospect(“ at this point a drop down list could pop up with the allowed tag states (if it was defined, that still provides for date and other uses for the tags.
  • Instead of just searching for @prospect(Discussion) I could search for < @prospect(Discussion) which would also show Unqualified and Qualified tagged items.

And even better: Agenda offered list of existing relevant tags to select from. I’m terrible at remembering tags. Was it Leads or Lead or Prospect etc.

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