How do I set a due date for a note?

I see how to assign a date - but not set a due date. Sorry for the question but I can’t see it in the menus or in the setting dropdown for a note. I can’t see it covered in FAQ either.

I would like to use the due date and then search for notes with an expired due date - like a reminders app

Thanks for your help

The assigned date can be how you want to interpret it, i.e. the created date but also a due date. This is one option.

We don’t offer an explicit due date, but you can use either tags for this (see the due tag section in Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links). This is the second option.

Finally, you can of course create a reminder within the note and use that to inform/alert you when the note is due (third option).

We don’t want to support alarms as this belongs in the calendar app (which reminds me, you can also assign a calendar event to a note and set an alarm on that event in the calendar app, option 4), nor note level reminders (as it would confuse users who would now have to pick between a reminder and event linking).

Hope this offers some ideas how to best approach things.