How can I support a mobile app?

I downloaded this app because it was on the featured list for Apple, and it seemed like a fun thing to try. After downloading it, I was still skeptical. One week later, and it is a crucial part of my daily routine.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a mobile application for this yet… This just won’t due.

What can I do to help there be a mobile app?


Glad you are enjoying the Mac app.

The iOS app is in development now. It’s due first half of 2018. (Sorry, these things take time :wink:)



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Hey Drew,

So would the solution to my question be to sit tight and keep using the mac app?

@jacobshenning I’m not sure what I can really say. That is what I am doing, yes. I am using the Mac app, and when I need to capture info, I email it or use another app on my iPhone, and transfer it later. Not ideal, but until we have that iOS app, not much else that can be done. We want the app as much as anyone else :slight_smile:


I’m a black sheep in the Mac community — I use an Apple computer and an Android phone. I understand that iOS is going to be where the most resources are focused where mobile platforms are concerned, but I hope there’s an Android app one day as well…