Full Things 3 integration

Its taken me a bit to learn to “think” Agenda style, but I am really growing to love the app more and more. Thanks for the hard work.

I know these have been raised before, but for the record:

  • Please sub-categories & sub-projects. Give us both and set us free!
  • Configurable sort order for Projects in the sidebar
  • And for the dreamers: full Things 3 integration.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by full Things 3 support? It would presumably mean something different to different people. What exactly would you want Agenda to support?

You mean you guys cant read our minds after all?!:wink:

Sorry for being vague. By “full”, I guess I meant an app level integration similar to what you did with calendars. I generally track my running Tasks outside my notebooks (I never used To Dos in Evernote for example). At the most basic level, I’d like to be able to see my Things to dos inside either my categories and/or projects and link to them like calendars within projects & notes.

At the far end of the dream, is the ability to embed Things lists inside Agenda Projects/Categories with bi-directional management, editing, tracking of them. (Along the lines of how Fantastical can be a single source calendar even though the event you’re editing may be in an Exchange calendar or a Google calendar, etc.

I realize all of that depends on the Things 3 devs playing nicely with Agenda as well as whole lot of work and probably not fully achievable but it would be so nice it if did.


Besides the Agenda links, Agenda for iOS now also supports x-callback-urls that you can use to further integrate with third party apps like Things, see Import, Export, and Sharing

Any latest development with regards to Things 3 integration with Agenda?

Nothing at this point in time, the current way to integrate is through the x-callback-urls or through the Reminders app. Any further integration would require a formal collaboration with the folks at Things.

Also make sure to have a look at this community topic: