Format text as a Task


Currently you can ‘format’ text as a tag or a person. For this type of app, I would have thought a very useful type of ‘formatting’ (or styling) would be to highlight some text as a TASK. It would be even greater if you then had an area where all text marked as a task was displayed (basically creating a Task List taken from all of your notes, or maybe all notes from one particular project).

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:


Just trying to understand what would be different, but why not use a “Task” tag and create a Smart Overview for it? You can also use the due tags: Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links

Hi mekentosj,

Your approach sort of works, but doesn’t quite fit what I had in mind for the following reasons:

  1. When you use tags, you get just one work (the tag itself, e.g. TASK) higlighted. I want to format a whole sentence (or couple of sentences) to show they are all part of the task (i.e. give the text that represents the whole task a visual style). This just makes it easier to scan when you have lots of notes so the tasks ‘pop out’ from the rest of the text.
  2. The search functionality shows the tags in the context of the notes they are in (i.e. the search results are entire notes). I just want to extract the text marked as Tasks and auto create a task list without having to see the surrounding text of the note.

Thanks for the suggestion thought, it still encouraged me to look at the tags feature in more detail.


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Ok, thanks for the follow up, we’ll give it a thought of how this could work.