Focus mode



Dying for this. I would love to be able to just take a single note full screen, and then back out to the list.


I’m a new user, but wanted to add an aspect to this discussion that I’ve not seen mentioned yet.

I’d really like to have a “show only the text of this note” option - so hiding the sidebars and other notes. I work for multiple clients and want to avoid one client seeing anything to do with others on my screen, e.g. calendar entries, project names etc.


We definitely have ideas in this direction and would like to allow such a feature, it’s a common request/issue people have.


Also like the option to focus on a single note. My use case is to hide my other notes when using Agenda to write meeting notes. My other notes may contain confidential information that I may not want other meeting participants to see.


Oh ya. This I would love!


Agreed. Focus mode would be lovely. Just let us open a single note full screen and work on it without all the other clutter.