Findings - Agenda affiliation?

Hi, I just found what looks to me extremely (surprisingly) similar to Agenda just with a slightly different approach and some different features.
Would be curious to know if you are affiliated to findingsapp.

In any case, they have a ton of nice features that could suit Agenda also very much! :wink:

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Yes, we work closely together, and share ideas and code. The similarity is no coincidence :slight_smile:

Hi, I am the developer of Findings. Indeed, we worked on both apps on a similar timeframe, and are sharing a lot of ideas and code, both at the UI level (how it looks and behave), and the foundation level (data storage and sync).

As it turns out, the apps also have some overlap in their features. There are also some important differences. Findings is aimed at researchers and scientists, and has a number of features and affordances directly aimed at them. One big idea of Findings is to help you build a record of your research activities , which has long-term implications in terms of accountability, reproducibility, publishing, intellectual property etc. The app is immediately useful to your “now” self (keeping track of daily activity), and without extra work, also useful to your future self and your collaborators (building a detailed record of all your past activities, aka a lab journal or lab notebook).


Thanks a lot for the reply! I indeed see the differences as outlined by you. I appreciate the collaboration, I think it will only help probably both apps. My main usecase is probably better reflected in Agenda, but I’m looking with a jealous eye on some of the features in Findings. :wink:
Anyway, I feel you are on a good road and both apps can only profit from sharing of ideas/lessons learned/coding etc.


Me too also or, what he said.