As you add more features to Agenda my need for good documentation increases. For example in v6 the keyboard assistance bar (is that what it’s called?) has an icon that opens up a pallet of symbols which I guess are for links, photos etc, but to me at least they are not all obvious and I can’t find them documented.

But this is also true of larger things too, exactly how do I create a reminder? Can I highlight some text and make that the title of a reminder? Ditto a calendar entry, can I add one to a note in the same way I add a reminder?

I just feel like I’m struggling to make full use of your app at the moment.

Have you checked the How To - Agenda Community articles? I’m actually updating them as we speak, aiming to have document reminders in this one later today: Dates, Events, and Reminders

The keyboard bar is already featured here: Taking Notes but I’ll add the various icon descriptions as you suggest.

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Update: The updated Dates, Events, and Reminders is now available and describes everything related to using dates, calendar events and reminders.

Perhaps you meant now?

Ah, duh! Cheers, corrected

As I tell my Miboso, “no duhs!”
We all make typos, that won needed fixing though. :wink:

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