Datestamp & Timestamp

What is the key combination/menu option for entering the current date &/or the current time into a note. Thanks in advance.

There is nothing like that, or though you can add reminders using Shift-CMD-R.

If you want a date string, you are probably best to setup a short in System Preferences or use Text Expander.

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I booted TextExpander a long time ago for security reasons, and pricing, but mostly security.

Do you intend to add time-stamps. I am coming from Bear and that app sees the value in being able to easily time, date or time and date stamp. Especialing when using Agenda for meeting notes. And day logging. Being able to add the time at the start of a list entry is key for descontructing the day. It is just a couple of keyboard shortcuts.

Sounds like a useful feature. Will consider, thanks!

Note that we do of course have very good integration with dates at the note level. Probably the best of any note taking app. So you can give a date to the meeting notes, or even link them to a calendar event.

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Do we have date and time-stamps? Did they make it into the plan?

Yes, they will be part of the upcoming version 11 update. You can insert them through the insert menu as well as by typing an action shortcut as described here:

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