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How can i get a date 1 week ago ?

The following should all work:

\date(in: 1 week ago)
\date(offset: -7 days)
\date(offset: -1 week)

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How can I add a dated tag from a template? If I write something like #due(in: 7 days), it converts it to a specific date within the template. If I write #due(\date(in: 7 days)), it doesn’t convert it at all.

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I’m afraid this isn’t yet supported, we’ll see if this can be supported.

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Thanks, it would be great. It would let me programmatically add due dates to repetitive projects that typically take the same amount of time (or need periodic reviews.)

is it possible to add a placeholder which inserts all participants from an appointment?

Yes, see \event-notes(attendees) above.

Maybe this is picky, but is it possible to get the list of names, without the preface of the word With? I’d love to just have names (could even do without the last and). This would allow for a placeholder of \event-notes(organizer), \event-notes(attendees) to have a full list of participants.

I was also wondering if there is a placeholder that has just the notes of a calendar event? I think that to get that, I need to get (all) (or parameter-less), which means needing to delete a bunch of content that is duplicative (like location or attendees that I organize with specific placeholders).

Thanks and keep up the great work!


We’ll see if this can be improved indeed. Regarding the “just the notes of a calendar event”, you mean as they appear in the notes field in the calendar app, without attendees, location etc?

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Precisely. Thanks for the consideration!



Hello, just started using Agenda and I’m moving some data over from my task app. For this case I would like to make some templates. The concept of Auto Text is clear to me, but I can’t find any information on more static placeholders. For instance: name, subject, participants, etc. where the ‘placeholder’ text can be replaced when filling out the cloned template. Is this possible? Did I miss something reading this How To? Thanks!

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Is there any solution to this problem?

I am using this code:
\event-notes \event-date(format: EEEE, MMM d)

Result is:
27 Aug 2021, from 08:00 to 09:30

I second ScottyJ’s request to just get a list of names.

Better yet, I’d like each name appear on a separate line (unordered list) so I can add information to each name. This is quite helpful if attendees are from different companies. Maybe the UOL could be a parameter.

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Hi support team. What is the syntax to use with \Date in title to create “Week of xxxxx” such as “Week of 2021-Dec-27” which is start of next week? Thanks

You’ll find a complete overview of the supported syntax here:

However, I don’t think it will support the kind of date calculations you’d be looking for. The only way I can think of is that you do this part of the calculation in a shortcut or script and have that generate the note for you.

I think it would make sense to have a \table action that would insert a table in-place.

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