Colored tags

Hello Community, can someone please explain me, how to do colored codes? Let us say I want to have a tag, which is labeled with „done“ and colored in green. How do I do that?emphasized text

#donecolored(green) is not working. The tag remains in organe with the text donecolored(green)
a simple #colored(green) is neither working.

Unfortunately, there is no example given in the how to above.
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Just realized, how many typing issues I have. I haven‘t found any edit button.

Just to clarify the 2 most critical typing issues:
(…) How do I do colored tags? (…)
(…) The tag remains in orange (…)

At the moment it’s not possible to create tags in different colours than orange, we are considering to add this option in a future update.


Hi Mekentosj!

Just to inform that in this post Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links from Dec 2017 under Tag Parameters you mention that its a current feature of Agenda App?!?!

Anyway is there any plan or ETA to get colored tags available on Agenda?


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I assume you refer to this fragment?

That’s perhaps a bit misleading, what we meant is an example of tags that take parameters, like this:
#coloured(red) just like you can do #importance(high). We didn’t mean that this would also actually change the color of the tag as it appears in Agenda. We don’t yet have an ETA for that.

Update: I’ve now also changed the example to prevent the confusion.

I’d also love to have the ability to customize the color of tags!