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I am trying to brainstorm wirth Agenda by building several notes under different topics in one project. However, I am finding it very hard to differentiate between the notes I create because they all “look” the same. I wish there was a way to “color code” created notes. When all the notes are in the collapsed state it isn’t easy get to a note created earlier.

At the very least, could colored templated be created to assist in differentiate different notes?


This is something that was in fact present in early alphas of Agenda. We simplified things since but indeed something we are thinking of bringing back.

Yes please — I’d find color labels for notes very useful too. :slight_smile:

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Being able to use different colors to have items stick out would help classify topics. Also, the current yellow front and backgrounds is hard to see in low light.

I can see different colours for different types of note being useful, eg meetings, research, proposals,

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Excellent observation, something I had failed to put my finger on until I read this. I really like the overall look of Agenda, but it is so homogeneous that it is, in fact, difficult to differentiate notes, or even content within a note. And, I think color is just about the only means that could catch the eye without using up precious screen space; the other would be fonts. I would urge staying away from using fonts as a differentiator.

Categories already have an assigned color, picked out from what appears to be a carefully considered pallet. I find this is pretty effective without resulting in a mess of clashing colors. Also, working from a pallet promotes essentially some form of syntactic structure. I suppose allowing users to create their own pallets, even if aesthetically ill-conceive, would be better than allowing the user to arbitrarily assign any RGB value to any text element (character, word, sentence, etc…). In fact, providing custom named pallets would both encourage meaningful application of color and allow the user adjust that pallet consistently.

I’m sure there are some who might object to the addition of more color, but that is a feature they could just ignore in their own usage. Likewise, some would object to any restrictions on the use of color, but I think it would be a mistake for Agenda to not insist that the addition of a feature that provide meaning and value to its stated focus on note-taking. (Those who think any restriction is tyranny should just adopt a “word processor,” like Pages or Word…).

As Agenda is a pretty new app, I think increasingly users will start grappling with the challenges that arise when the number and size of notes expands. I’m already there.


I agree that this would be very helpful. I just started using Agenda a couple of weeks ago to try it out and after writing several notes, have found that their homogeneity makes them hard to find/distinguish.

I have always viewed two things as real deficiencies of Agenda: Lack of color and lack of ability to attach files.

With all due respect, how do you all decide what to add next. These two items seem really easy to do - (but I have no real idea.). I would suggest allowing your customers to vote on a features list to give you some direction on what we think is the most important. Please consider that.

With all due respect, how do you all decide what to add next.

We already started work on the ability to attach file so that one was easy :smiley:

I don’t think voting alone is the right way to do it as it can easily paint us in a corner that we don’t want to be in. Fortunately though we have the The features we are working on right now… post and for instance the number of times someone followed a link on that page is one way of telling us what is the most popular request, like the number of emails we get on a certain topic tells us something as well, etc etc.
So I guess our customers are indeed for a large part already voting on what’s next on our list…


I agree that color is vital.

Is color coding notes to match the project color still on the radar at least? I misread the pro features and thought this was one of the upgrades, very disappointing. It’s bothersome to have every note colored the same when our caleders, reminders, task lists etc are color coded and easily identified. Otherwise the app is great but without this feature I can’t see myself keeping it.

Still something we’d like to add, but no ETA yet I’m afraid, I have to be honest and it’s not near the top of our priorities at the moment so this could still take quite a while before it appears. See The features we are working on right now…

Looks like this has had some discussion already. Just started using Agenda a few weeks ago, to see if it can replace Notes and/or Evernote - both of which I use extensively. I love some of the things this app does and has a lot of promise. Yet as others have mentioned, as I continue to add more content I am finding things like this, color tagging, is becoming increasingly needed to help distinguish and organize the content. As more content is added, I want to be able to quickly scan the page and color would help with this. Not sure at this point I will adopt this as my central note taking tool. Keep up the good work!

We have a number of ideas in this direction, stay tuned!


I agree, having the ability to change the color of the project notes would be a giant help! Love the app! Thanks!


Is there any chance to add the possibility to change text colour inside the document? Its much easier to see the content of a note in one look, when certain words are highlighter somehow! Thanks!

See above Color selection

  • 1 please add this!!!

Yes, colour would be great. Even if it’s a subtle colour.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

As someone who relies on color, I’m looking forward to seeing this! Please also consider implementing imported/custom color palettes. While plenty of people are likely well-served by the standard colors, I find that seasonally changing my color codes keeps me engaged in whatever organizational system I’m working with. I tend to lose interest if I can’t change up the look of my notes.