Cmd-Left goes to the wrong line

What I did: Enter some text on a line then hit Cmd-left to go to the beginning of the line

What happened: The cursor is placed at the end of the previous line

What I expected: The cursor to be placed at the start of the current line

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Happens on Mac Agenda under latest MacOS.

I know this is a super minor issue, but it’s really annoying :slight_smile: Agenda is absolutely fantastic and has replaced OneNote after over a decade of loyalty. Thanks for a great piece of software!

I’ve tested this in the current 14.1 development build and it seems to work fine there, once the update is out, could you give it a try and let us know whether it now works correctly?

Will do! Just replied to the iOS Topic to get added to the TestFlight beta. Thanks! — Dan

…just so that last reply doesn’t sound entirely crazy, I’ll test 14.1beta on my iPad with the MagicKeyboard too… :slight_smile:

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Ok - tested 14.1beta on MacOS and my iPadPro + Magic Keyboard. It’s … better … :wink:. It usually goes to the start of the line now with Cmd-Left, but not always, but there’s still something funky up with where it thinks the cursor is. I have a line of text that looks like this (hard returns below to show how it looks on my machines):

Want to talk about what’s next for him but last we talked about it he asked that we discuss that
later in the year.

Cmd-Left seems to work as expected, but if I put the cursor on the line above this one and hit the down arrow (no Cmd) it properly moves the cursor to before the “W” but if I hit the down arrow again, it goes to the end of that line - meaning it puts the cursor after the “t” in “that”. Down arrow again properly puts the cursor before the “l” in later. This seems to happen on all wrapped lines. Up arrow movement seems to do the same thing when starting in the left most position of a line below a wrapped line and hitting up - you end up at the end of the first part of the wrapped line. Meaning if I was in the first position of the line after the above text and hit the up arrow, the cursor would end up after the “t” in “that”, not before the “l” in later.

I hope that makes sense - if you want me to capture video of this or anything, yell. Thanks again! — Dan

it happens now on my iPad Pro

CMD + left to move cursor to the beginning