Can we show the markdown syntax?

Is it possible to display the markdown syntax so you can more easily edit the text?

This would be especially helpful for links. If I paste link in, it automatically creates the link with the name. I can’t edit the name of the link.

The screenshot shows an example of what I’m talking about.


I’m afraid that will be very unlikely, Agenda isn’t a native markdown editor, it’s not its internal format. We only use markdown as a shortcut to trigger certain styles.

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That makes sense. My biggest concern is links. If I paste a link in, it automatically infers what the name of the link should be displayed as. I cannot find a way to edit that name. The edit dialog just edits the actual link, not the display name.

The display name you can just edit by editing the text.

I attempted that and the link went away. It became just normal body text. Let me try and reproduce and upload a video.

If you indeed delete all the text it goes away. A workaround (if you want to replace the entire text) is to delete everything but the first few characters, then delete those at the end. The other, perhaps better, trick is to paste the link with the right text already prepared, using the markdown syntax for URLs, like this:
[Some name for the link](PASTE YOUR URL HERE)

See also this post:

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