Can I style Website Links?

I’d love to add website links to my Agenda entries but I find the current url links to be a bit frustrating since the url isn’t shown - instead the page title (I believe) is shown which can be difficult to remember in future - especially when the page has been created with an obscure title.

My preference would be if the url and title could be displayed in a card style. Apologies if this already possible - can someone help me?


Yes, you can change the way the link is shown, see Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links (also the section on link shortening).

Apologies. I should have been more specific.

What I was hoping for was a setting to show links with a thumbnail + url + page title
I see that styling can be changed but its all extra work after dragging a link into a note.

Hope thats clearer. Thanks.

Ah, yes, we would like to offer such a link representation in the future.