Can I join the iOS Beta?

Would love to join the beta for iOS and Mac, thank you!

Would love to sign up for Beta on both macOS and iOS. Please let me know how I can do so!

I would like to join the beta if possible.

I would like to join the beta please!

Please accept me to test your next beta. Thank you.


Can I join the beta please…

Would like to be added to the iOS beta as well please.

I could have sworn I put my name in here but I don’t see it. I too would really like to be invited to the IOS TESTFLIGHT.

I would like to be added to the iOS beta as well. Thank you!

I would like to join the iOS beta, please.

would love to test the iPad version (iPad mini 5th gen) and beta versions for iOS (iPhone XR)


I would like to joint for ios Beta.
Thanks for your work. (iphone and iPad)

Yves (French)

May I join the beta testing? Do you need an email address?

We normally send the invite to the email address of your community profile (please note we will send the next batch when the reminders beta goes out, current ETA next week)

Super keen on the beta for reminders integration - 90% use on ipad and keen to try out the new reminders app on IOS13 asap!

I’d like to be a part of the beta program

I wish ti join ios beta.

Hello - would like to join the beta, the Reminders feature is one I am looking forward to using extensively (and giving feedback on!)

I haven’t seen any testflight invite yet, wanted to make certain I didn’t need to do anything else with regard to getting in on the IOS beta.

hello :wave: