Can I join the iOS Beta?

Hey please remember addme to the beta, i waiting :grin:

Please add me to ios & macos beta

I’d love to join the beta program for this. I use it a lot! Let me know what I need to do to be selected.


Out of breath scrolling down here on the phone…

I’d like to join the iOS beta.

Consider it a test of dedication :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would be happy to help out with the iOS / MacOS beta testing :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to put my hands in the reminders integration. Agenda would become central to my workflow…

Interested to join, please add me to Testflight thanks!

Hi, Mekentosj, As per your email I have joined this list and would like to be included in the TestFlight Beta.
Thanks, Richard

May I join the iOS beta?

Please join me the beta iOS. Thanks

Would also very much love to join the ios and Mac beta! Thank you.

Please join me the beta iOS and Mac. Thanks

I’d love to join the Mac and iOS betas as we,l.

Please join me the beta iOS. Thanks

I’d be very interested.
Ringing with ADHD, I’m still searching for a note taking workflow as non distracting as possible.
Agenda goes in the right way, but I’m sure I could give some input in this direction.
One thing I like is the possibility to attribute tags to paragraphes. But there should also be possible to group several paragraphs and title with the same tags.

I’m also very eager to see the integration of Apple Pencil, I like the facility to take notes by hand coupled with the ability to correct, redraw and organise through digitalisation.

Kind regards Christoph

Would love to join :grin:

Hi, I’d like to join the beta as well! :slight_smile: I have ADHD and am currently in college, so I’d really like integrate a solid workflow throughout all my devices. I’m especially interested in the apple pencil feature!

I’d like to be added to the ios beta and mac if possible!

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I’d like to join the beta programme

I’d love to help you out to dig some minor bug which could easily skip or miss because we’re busying in fixing the big one first, there could some interaction flow phenomenon behaviour as well which needs to dig.
So, I’d love to join test flight list to provide you the feedback