Can I join the iOS Beta?



I would also appreciate to get an invitation to the iOS Beta version for iPhone.


I would love to beta test any versions (iOS or MacOS).



Please add me to the beta list :slight_smile:


Please sign me up. Thanks


Hello! I would love to join the beta. Thank you!


Signup please. Also for the mac version


I would like to join the iOS Beta.


Hi, I am loving the progress and growth of Agenda and would love to join the iOS beta group. Is there still space available?


I would like to join the Beta team. Thanks in advance.


Hey there, would be glad to test that nice reminder integration as well as want to encourage your journey as a beta tester for iOS. Thanks for your time and effort for that application and the approach for the premium features. Best, Daniel


I would like to be a beta tester…if possible.


I would like to join the Beta team please, the upcoming reminders feature is a fantastic addition to the feature set. Thanks in advance.


Hi, I’d like the beta test the iOS app!


Reminders integration! I would be happy to help test


Please add me to TestFlight for iPad


I’d love to be able to help test the iOS beta


Would be great to join the iOS beta please.


Could I please join the next iOS beta.Thanks.


Very interested in iOS beta and potentially macOS beta if you’re looking for someone that still uses High Sierra 10.13.6. Currently using iPhone 8+ on Public Beta 12.3 and an 2018 iPad Gen 6 on iOS 12.2 (non-beta)

Already have TestFlight as I test apps that I love quite frequently.


Sign me up, it would be great to help! Test fight installed and ready to take-off!