Can I join the iOS Beta?



I’d really like to join the beta program.



I’m on the Mac beta, so as far as I got I need the beta on iOS as well … can I join?
Best and thanks …


I would love to be on the beta, I’m using the app on iPad as a main computer multiple times a day.


Please add me to TestFlight for iOS beta.


Could you add me to TestFlight? Thank you.


Please add me to Testflight.
Thank you


I’d love to be added to TestFlight. Thanks! :blush:


Downloaded a few days ago - just made account. Would love to test with upcoming features.


Would like to join the iOS beta. Thanks!


Count me in too if you can. Thanks :sunglasses:


Count me in, please


Would like to join if possible, thanks! :smiley:


I’d like to be added to the TestFlight team, if possible. Thanks!


I would be happy to beta test, thank you.


I’m also interested in joining the beta builds! Using the iPad, iPhone and Mac versions


I would like to be part of beta program. Please and thanks!


Please re-register me for the BETA programs for iPad and MAC. TestFlight informs me I was removed by developers.


I would appreciate being a beta test for iOS Agenda. Please sign me up!


Like to be part of the beta program.



me please-I’d like beta access