Can I join the iOS Beta?



Please add me to the ios beta program


I would very much appreciate being added to the iOS beta for Agenda. Thanks in advance


Please add me to the testflight beta!


+1 for the iPad app!
thank you


Please add me to the ios beta program


If you were looking for more testers I’d be happy to help!



Please add me to the iOS beta (I have an iPhone XS and iPad Pro v2). Thanks!!


I’d like to test Agenda on iOS please :slight_smile:


was able to get an ios invite for my iphone, could i please get one more for my ipad?


Please add me to the Agenda Testflight beta. If separate betas, please for both iPhone/ iPad. Thanks.


You should be able to load it on all your devices if you log into testflight with the same apple-id


i am getting a notice that says “the invitation has already been redeemed, please request a new invite from the developer”



I’d like to participate in the iOS beta. :smiley:


All you have to do is install the testflight app from the App Store and login to you iCloud account on that device, the test version should show up among the list of apps you can install.


+1 To join the TestFlight beta!


I am on Agenda paddle (3.0 - 53) for macOS. Does this mean I need to be on the beta for iOS? (I ask because Agenda on IOS will now not start - keeps apparently crashing).
If so please add me.


Yes, you will need the testflight build if you are on the Agenda beta (3.0 or higher)


Can I join the iOS Beta? Yeah I know, I asked in the original post. Just wanted to make sure I posted in the right spot. :grinning:


Well, yes, I’d like to join the beta, too. I’m experienced in software testing AND use the Agenda apps on a regular basis. So it would be real world usage testing. :wink:



I’d appreciate if you could add me to iOS beta as well.

Thank you!

PS: I’ve been using it for over a month now and i’m finding it super useful and sufficient for my needs even on free version. (not on premium unfortunately – being in university I have to prioritise on other necessities such as booze and food!)