Can I join the iOS Beta?



I would appreciate being a beta test for iOS Agenda. Please sign me up!


Would love to test the iOS version as well. Looks like this is what I have been trying to create using other apps for years;


I would like to join the beta program as well. A bit late in the day but somehow missed this entire thread! Already pre-ordered in the AppStore


I’m not a best app taster, but if you have one more invitation I would love to have it :slight_smile:


Just seen Agenda for first time and installed on Mac, I’d like a Testflight invite please.


I’ve been using Agenda on Mac but would also like to join the TestFlight for iOS.


Please add me to the TestFlight
I‘d use it in german language


The Testflight invite ended in Spam so clicked Not Spam in Spark Mail and it was deleted! Can you send again please?


Have resent it. (Would be surprised if the original was deleted. Probably moved to your Inbox.)


Thanks now installed. Not first Spam issue with Spark. Have tried Not Spam and Move to Inbox and always disappears. Looked in Apple Mail and Web Outlook and no sign. Only way out of Spam is permanent delete not even Trash. No longer using.


Please add me to the beta project.


Please add me as well


Please add me to the TestFlight, too! Thank you!


Count me in!
I will test


I’d like to be part of the app’s BETA Tester team.
Could you invite me?

Thanks in advanced


Interested in joining the beta test team. Thanks! Congrats on the ios launch. Just recently discovered and am using premium on Mac and ios. I’ hooked.


I’d love to be added to the beta. Thanks!


Please add me to the beta program.


Please add me to the iOS Beta list. Already purchased v1.0 release. Might I suggest a dedicated iOS Beta Category so all Testers can see comments (easier to search and would save ‘clutter’ not to mention time).


Once you gain access (we always add the new ones on each beta release, you should get an invite for the next one) you also get access to the iOS beta section of the forum (it already exists).