Can I join the Agenda Beta program?

count me in , im looking forward to it

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Sure, why not? I pretty much use my iPad during meetings as a tool for getting those details into my work journal at this point. This would be a huge part of getting me unblocked.

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Definitely willing to beta test!

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Ditto on test flight!!

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Please also add me to the TestFlight list (iPad and iPhone).

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Please take me also into consideration, if you roll out the beta version of agenda for iOS. Thanks


I am in; notify me!

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please add me to testflight program

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Please include me in the TestFlight beta testing

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please add me to the TestFlight beta

Count me too for iOS beta :slight_smile:

Another one interested in helping with TestFlight builds

Add me to the beta ios please :slight_smile:

I would definitely like to be added to your notification list when the ios version is available - the ideas Agenda implements are really exciting - I really hope this project is profitable thus encouraging for further development. Again, thank you

Iā€™d like to be added to the beta, please. Agenda looks very promising. I look forward to the developments!

Count me in for iOS beta. Thanks.

Please add me to the TestFlight testing.


Testflight? Iā€™d also like to test!

TestFlight please