Calendar link to open Fantastical, or other app

Hi. When I click a link in Agenda to a date, it opens Apple’s Calendar app. Is there a way to get it to open another App, both in Mac and iOS? Thanks - Nigel


On Mac you can change the default calendar app in the preferences of the, Agenda should honour this setting. On iOS there currently isn’t as Apple doesn’t allow you to set a 3rd party app as the default calendar app.

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Couldn’t you use the Fantastical URL fantastical2:// to accomplish this?

No because we can’t ask the system what your default application is. In theory we could ask the system whether an app is present that handles the fantastical2:// url and then call it, but I’m hesitant to do so as a) the user might have fantastical installed but is not really using it and prefers the calendar app or b) there might be other apps on the system that support this url scheme without being Fantastical itself.

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Although I haven’t run into this scenario, that makes sense. Maybe you could allow for custom calendar selection in settings similarly to how Slack allows you to choose Tweetbot as your Twitter client instead of the native Twitter app.

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This would also apply to Reminders for me since I use Fantastical as my reminders app, as well. :tada:

We’ll have a look if this is possible.

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I think you can build open in fantastical, agenda keep ical for default calendar but open events in fantastical!

A big vote from me for Fantastical support.


I’d like to +1 on being able to select Fantastical as the calendar app to open events in. It could default to the system Calendar app, but a preference to enable this would be much appreciated.


@carlton.gibson I assume you mean on iOS/iPadOS correct?

Well, err, no. I meant on Mac.

So I have agenda open. I click on the event in the timeline view. The pop-up shows.

The bottom entry is Show in Calendar (or Open in…)

I’d like to have click that open Fantastical rather than Calendar.

Your query makes me think there’s already a way and I’m just missing it? :face_with_monocle:

Indeed, this is already possible if you set Fantastical as your default calendar app, see the tip here: Dates, Events, and Reminders

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Ah, that’s brilliant! It never occurred to me to look in the Calendar app preferences for that. (But of course…)

Super! Thank you! :dancer:

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Any progress on this? I don’t like that I have to keep the Calendar app installed on my iPhone and iPad just for working with Agenda.

I don’t want to see Show in Calendar, I want to see Show in Fantastical. Or BusyCal, or any of the other third-party calendar apps.

This should be a preference, and hidden away by default for the great majority of users who are content with the standard Calendar app. But for the people who use more fully-featured calendar apps, this would be a very welcome feature.

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Same! Another vote for Fantastical for me. I begrudingly added Google synch to my Apple calendar just for Agenda. :slight_smile:

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Yeah! I would like this to happen as well, it turns confusing to use both calendar apps in iOS. Fantastical is quite open to all sorts of integrations, and I think that could be worked by doing an integration between fantastical and agenda? So there could be a link to immediately turn to fantastical instead of the original apple calendar? Although it might be much more work in this sense.