Calendar: Import Event Notes: note title issue

I’m just coming back to using Agenda after being away for about a year. The improvements made in that time make this nearly perfect for my needs.

I am encountering an issue while linking a note to a calendar event. Specifically, I have disabled the “Import Event Notes” option in preferences, however the event title still overwrites the existing note title, so I have to go re-set the note title.

I have a large team of people I work with, and meet with them regularly. My calendar events are titled “MyName / TheirName”

My setup is as such:
Category: Team

  • Projects: Person 1, Person 2, etc.
    — New notes are assigned to today, so the default title is today’s date — which is what I need.
    — Upon linking the new note with the calendar event, the note title is set to that of the calendar event — “MyName / TheirName”

Please fix, or if intentional behavior, add an additional option to exclude the event title. Thanks!

Glad to have you back Costa! Technically we don’t consider the title part of the event notes hence we still use it, even if you turn the option off to import the notes. There are however two solutions at this point:

  1. If you first give the note a title, before linking to the note, it shouldn’t override the title upon linking.

  2. Alternatively you can create your own “template” note (premium feature) which can have the title set as \date, import certain event properties even if you want, already set up a standard note content structure like certain fixed items, etc. When you then click or tap the event and choose New note from template, it should come out exactly as you want. See also Creating and Using Templates and Actions

Thank you for your reply!

I ended up settling on using a template to accomplish what I need. The only downside is that I cannot use command+N to quickly create a new note. I have to long-press the +, or use the menu. Is there a way to assign a default template so command+N can be used?

Would you consider adding an option to ignore the event title?

We’re considering adding the ability to assign a note as the default template indeed. That would solve the issue you mention.

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You guys rock!

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