Calendar events not honoring default app?

I have changed my default calendar app on my Mac to Fantastical, but when I try to open an event from Agenda (show in calendar) it still opens in the Apple Calendar app. Is Agenda no longer honoring the system default? I’ve tried rebooting the computer and the applications. Any thoughts?

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Could you do us a favour and send us the following file:

  • locate the fantastical app in the Applications folder
  • right/control click it and choose “Show Package Contents”
  • inside the Contents folder, locate the Info.plist file
  • email it to

That way I can check whether it needs an adaptation on our end. Thanks!

Solution! Thanks Alex :slight_smile:
Even with Fantastical listed as the default calendar app, my Mac was still opening event files (“show event in calendar” in Agenda) with the default Calendar app. Here’s the solution:

  1. Save an .ics file to the finder, then use command-I in the Finder to open the info inspector.
  2. Under “Open With” it may say “CalendarFileHandler (default)”. Click the drop down menu and change this to Fantastical (or whatever calendar app you have set as your default).
  3. Then, click the button below that says “Change all” to use this application to open all documents like this one.
    And just like that, it works!

Thanks again to Alex, I hope this solution is helpful to others who encounter this hiccup in the future :slight_smile:


Glad we managed to get it to work in the end and thanks for sharing the solution here!