Automatic bulleting and numbering

The latest upgrade brought automatic bulleting and numbering. My problem: I have a paragraph starting with the text “1. sunnuntai”. Agenda automatically interprets this as the first item of a numbered list. In MS Word you can undo the automatic numbering by typing CMD + Z. However, in Agenda this will not stop automatic numbering.

This feature (or the lack of option to switch it off like in MS Word) makes Agenda virtually unusable. Can you please fix this ASAP!? Thanks in advance.

It’s a feature we hope to add in future.

For now, you can often keep the numbering continuing by using the soft return (option-return), instead of a standard new paragraph return.

Thanks for the feedback!

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At the moment it’s not possible to prevent this behaviour, in the next update we’re working on you will be able to escape the numbering if the sentence starts with a number. In the current version the only solution is to add a space before the number or use a similar workaround.

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Preceding space(es) doesn’t work.

It works to omit the dot after the number. The sentence will then look like:
1 item
Or to use another character like
1’ item
1st item

Another preceding character like underscore or minus works:
_1. item
-1. item

I hope this is helpful.

Thanx. When I write in Finnish, the dot after the numeral is essential and cannot be ommited or replaced. “1” means 1, and “1.” means first. In fact when I write “17.”, Agenda changes it to a line numbered 1, not 17. Very special indeed.

A note-taking app should serve the one taking notes, not the other way round. To me it seems obvious that if you add automatic bulleting or numbering to the tool set, there must also be a way for the user to switch it off or undo it. I thought this kind of product development (I mean deciding on behalf of the users what they want or should want) was the trademark of Microsoft only :wink:

Product development involves making the best decision you can with the info you have, getting user feedback, and making changes as necessary.

I’d consider you pretty fortunate in terms of users for any software. It’s not often that the response to a complaint is, “we know, it will be fixed in the very next update!”

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Update: Agenda 14 now allows you to escape the parsing of numbers into numbered lists if you prefix them with a backslash, for example \1. Hello will be left as is. Also new in Agenda 14, you can (re)start a numbered list at any number you like by say starting to type the number you want (e.g. 3. Third item), you can see it in action here

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