Audio Notes

First of all, I absolutely love your guys’ app! You did an amazing job with the design and layout. I’m a singer/songwriter and the only thing stopping me at the moment from completely moving over from Evernote to your app is the ability to record and attach audio files within your app. (This is super necessary for me as a songwriter) I know you guys are working on file attachment already, will there be an option to record and attach an audio file within the app like Evernote has?


We are working on attachments, and they will be there quite soon. You will be able to add audio files as attachments.

Initially we won’t have direct audio recording, but it is in our planning down the road a bit. For now you would record with another app, and drag in the file.


Awesome! Thank you for the response!! :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m new user. You guys are doing a great Job. One thing though I’m missing, the possibility to add voice recording to a note.


Thanks! Yes, we are aware of this and would like to add it at some point. Thanks for the feedback!

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See audio notes UI concept thread titled:
Audio Recording with Tracking" >>
Scroll down the bottom