Any way to have multiple actions and due dates under one event

Howdy all
Is there any way where in you can create a hashtag or an @ sign etc for multiple reminders under a single note?
For example,
Follow-up/AI+ Owners
◯ Action item #due xx/xx/xx
◯ Action item #due yy/yy/yy
◯ Action item #due aa/aa/aa with @contactname

The goal for me is to search

  1. all open action items
  2. all open AI’s due for this week or for next 2 weeks ( configurable/searchable time window would be awesome)

Is this something we can do today?
AND…when I complete the task in there as part of a checklist, can it insert the completion date automatically?
The above things would make my life SOO MUCH EASIER with agenda.


Yes, if you provide these in an x-callback-url you could do this. It’s not yet possible to create dynamic #due tags in a template alas. But have a look at Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links for a general introduction on due tags.

Sweet thank you. is there a way to search for notes and not see the FULL notes and just the line that shows the due tagged lines? :slight_smile:

Not yet, something we’d like to make possible down the line.