Agenda versus Bear



Agree. Evernote is very complex


@mkazlow, this is assuming @ghmotlagh resides in the US or other country that has HIPPA-type laws. I’m not sure Agenda is available only in the US. @mekentosj ? Just how far flung are your users? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Inquiring minds wish to know.


I use both Bear and Agenda… Bear is really nice for longer notes with a lot of formatting to it, notes that I intend to keep around. Agenda is great for the day to day scribbles that need to correlate to specific events or projects, and will be erased as soon as I’m done with them. Bear is more of a writing app while Agenda is more of a day planner. Both great.


Good point. I forget how provincial I can be.


However, is likely that OP has to comply with some kind of data protection and/or privacy law o regulation. If not, is nice to remind OP that this information is very sensible so it shouldn’t be up in the cloud.


Ok. Yestedray I tested Notes app(apple) and see an interesting thing. After sharing a note or pdf from another app to the Notes, I saw duplicated note in Notes instead of one !


Notes are well-known for unpredictable twists like this one. I tried to use them to organize my patients data (I practiced as endocrinologist) and it turned out pretty nightmarish. In the end I switched to Evernote on my Mac and iPad.

I liked Evernote, despite it’s unfriendly user interface (IMHO), but 5 months later the my iPad app crashed and when I restarted Evernote, I discovered, that all my notes were gone. Support couldn’t help, they tried their best, but it was a rare server glitch and I was among the very few “really lucky”. I had a backup, but I couldn’t really put myself to use Evernote anymore, so I switched to Scrivener.

Actually, Scrivener is a writing tool, but I could make folders and subfolders and attach images. It wasn’t bad, though lack of calendar integration did hurt. In the meantime I changed my job to cognitive based psychoterapy and soon discovered Agenda. I was wary, because years ago I was sorely disappointed in the release version of Papers 3 (Papers 2 were my favourite library app for quite some time), but decided to give Agenda a shot. So far, I’m satisfied, because the app is mostly stable and developers actually develop it. As soon as they released iOS app I bought premium version to support the development.

I loved the sync with the calendar, because I connected all upcoming client sessions to calendar events in a few clicks. For the first time in years I feel my practice more or less organized and I’m waiting eagerly for updates.


I’m confused to selection of an app for my patients dossier too. In testing Agenda I saw a very simple text color , impossible images attachment and other faults. But speed syncing, back up feature, @drewmccormack is a professional in their team( #studies helped me in my postgraduate studies) and good support are its good features.
But waiting for the future updates !
Dr ! Have you tested Notability for note taking too? It is a good app too. Any idea ?


@ghmotlagh It looks for your needs OneNote from Microsoft may work well. I like the photo-text integration of it and it’s easy to create notebooks and subfolders within.
Trello may be another option for more structure in your projects if you want to add a timeline of work done/doing/to be done.

I just started trying Agenda and it seems great for project note taking and planner, like a ‘work journal’ to capture your ideas and plan follow ups. It would be great if it had PC integration as well since laptops are still widely use for ‘heavy-duty’ work not available in mobile or Mac…


Id prefer Agenda over onenote. @drewmccormack is a professinal man and so I’ll wait for Agenda updates.


I totally agree. It even exports the tags by default. It’s difficult to organize in Bear, so I’ve taken to using it more for simple notes. I use Ulysses for more structured and longer-form writing, and Agenda for my professional meeting- and project-oriented efforts.


I have found myself evolving to the same approach. One important point you make is, ‘so I’ve taken to using it more for simple notes’. There is no shame in “simple notes!” A tendency with app developers is that as soon as it has a decent text editor, it aspires to be a do-it-all writing platform. I think Bear fell into this trap.

Right now I’m positioning Ulysses for larger scale writing projects that I want to have permanence, and Agenda for “simple notes” that will may evolve to a larger-scale project, in which case they “move” to Ulysses (or some other app), or that have some chronological significance, in which case Agenda is really serving as a notebook that preserves that timeline.

Just when I reach a point at which I’m tempted to stop using Agenda and do everything in Ulysses, I realize that I still have a need for “simple notes.” As long as Agenda stays focused (which the developers keep acknowledging), I think there’s purpose for both apps.


Seems like Evernote would suit you here.