Add brackets to formatted template title

Is it possible to add brackets to a template title? For example, I have a template that adds the date and event title - I’d like to have the date precede the title and be in brackets, like [9/6/22] however the best I can do when using \event-date(start: MM/dd/yy) is [ 9/6/22 ](note the spaces around the date) as when I put the brackets with no spaces, I get [\event-date(start: MM/dd/yy)] not [9/6/22] as intended. Is there a way to join the brackets to the formatted date without spaces?

Any help is appreciated!

You should be able to do this by including the brackets in the format string you give to the format parameter, see Creating and Using Templates - #4 by system

ahhh okay. I was trying to put it in the wrong spot, makes sense now thanks.

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