Ability to show query parameters in links?

My company uses Atlassian’s Confluence for a lot of things.

It seems to have a number of way of creating URLs, but it is very common to have URLs like this:


A bunch of different pages, distinguished only by the pageId query parameter.

When I paste that link into Agenda, it gets formatted as:


If I click on the link, it still takes me to the correct place, but visually, it strips the query params. By glancing at the URL, to my eyes it looks broken, because I’m so used to seeing the query params.

I totally understand the visual logic behind not showing query params, as they can get massive in other contexts. But it’d be neat to be able to right-click on a link in Agenda, and tell it to show the entire thing, or tell it not to do any kind of visual formatting.

Doesn’t directly solve your problem, but one way of removing the visual confusion for you, and perhaps provide more context, would be not to show the link, but instead create a link from your text. Eg

Indeed, see also the tips in this Talk article that describes how to use your own text for links: