Workaround for tags autocompletion?

Tags management and auto-completion is on the todo list of the developers, however it might be a while before it comes out. In the meantime, I’m experimenting with a possible workaround (on ipados at least):
Let’s say I want to add the tag “#meetingA(today)”
Go to settings, general, keyboards, text replacement. Here add a new entry : phrase = #meetingA(today) ; shortcut = meetingA
Now, every time you type “meetingA” it will create the tag “#meetingA(today)”
It also help making sure you always use the same tags. If it doesn’t convert, it’s not in your list.

What do you think?

Indeed a sensible workaround if you have a limited set of frequently used tags. We hope to bring real autocompletion in the first half of the coming year.


Autocomplete for tags and people would be most helpful. I too look forward to

By the way, I love tags with parameters. So useful.