Why is the web linking experience different between Mac OS and iOS?

I use both the Mac and iOS versions of Agenda and think it’s a powerful tool. The only thing that troubles me is why the experience of embedding a link in a word or a phrase is so different between the two systems. It works well in Mac OS but in iOS there’s this strange option to change the Displayed Text, which is actually where I want the text that I link to to be, and the actual text is in the box where the link should go into.

Am I going about this wrong? Shouldn’t this experience be similar in both OS versions? Thanks for any clarification.

This is because the system provides us with different possibilities on mac and iOS. On iOS we have to reimplement a lot of what macOS gives us for free, plus on iOS the system already heavily overloads for example long pressing a url with options we have no control over.


Thanks for the clarification.


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BTW, the new weblink implementation on iOS is so great! Thanks for doing this. It makes it so much easier! Awesome!

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