Where has my People Tags Gone


I know I should but not kept up to date with the updates but noticed I cannot find the list of people I had in my Agenda but now I only see an ‘@’ symbol when pressed I have to start the full name rather than select from a list I had already made in previous versions where you scroll left/right, which was very useful.

Have I missed something. Its not the end of the world to re enter them but where have they all gone?

Sorry if I have missed something obvious but I am not very techy.

Hope you can help


Hi James

As far as I’m aware Agenda doesnt (yet) actually do anything with contacts you enter using @ - it’s just another form of tag. I suspect that if you were presented with a list before it was Mac offering to autocomplete based on your previous typing.


Thanks for fast reply but its not that issue, maybe I was not detailed enough.

I use to be able to select various options one of which was People Tags that had a head as an icon. When in that option all the names use to be just above the ipad keyboard and they use to scroll left to right in alphabetical order. The names went to this list when you first made a People Tag after that they populated the list and could be used just by selecting it and the name would enter the note text above.

This seems to have disappeared, it also had the options of the Headers and font or underlined options there was about 4 options off the top of my head and the last was Peoples Tags.

I think an update has changed it and was wondering if it has cleared my list of names I just need clarification.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, my mistake! I think I remember seeing something on the forum recently about the tags no longer being included in that strip. Presumably applies to people as well?


That is a shame it was really useful I thought. I wonder why they removed it.

Will see if anyone else knows anything.

The tag and people lists have been removed, yes. It didn’t fit that well in the new design.

We plan to add real autocomplete for tags and people in future, via the editor. Ie you begin typing, and a list of matching tags or people appears for you to choose from. We think that is a better approach, because the list could get long, and was hard to find amongst the other controls.

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Hi and many thanks for confirming, I thought I was just doing something wrong but you have helped confirm matters.

Sound like a great idea and look forward to the autocomplete feature soon.