When splitting a note, the new note has the old date

When splitting a note with a date, the newly created note keeps the date of the old note.

I figured the objective of splitting a note would be to extract from an old note items that are still relevant today. In that sense, the newly created note that holds the still relevant items should get assigned to today, instead of remaining assigned to the old date.

As often the case there can be many scenarios why one would split a note, for example to simply better organize a large notes in relevant topics. The assumption that you’d automatically want to assign it to today isn’t correct IMO and depends on your workflow (where in your case it does indeed make sense). The only thing we do know is that when you split things from a note with a given date, that at least at the time your wrote them down those items you split off belonged to the same date. If you then want to re-assign them to a new date we believe this should be a separate step/decision (easily done by hitting shift-cmd-return).

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I see your point. It makes sense. Thanks!

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