What I like about attachments, and a few requests

The attachments work great, I especially like the full-width images. Some things I like in particular:

  1. Attachments aren’t searchable. I know others will disagree, but I love that the attachment content isn’t indexed. This lets me include attachments without polluting search results – I search only my notes’ content. If one day Agenda adds searching within attachments, I hope there will be a way to maintain the current behavior.

  2. Attachments aren’t editable. Double-clicking an attachment on OS X opens a locked file. To edit it, you have to explicitly unlock it (I assume, I haven’t tried it) or create a copy. I like that I can use Agenda to archive documents without accidentally editing them. If I want to edit an attachment, I can drag it to my desktop, edit, and then replace the attachment within Agenda – or just add the attachment to maintain an archive of both versions.

  3. Paste attachments in iOS. Most iOS applications permit a quick export via the share menu, with the share target being “Copy.” Using that, I can export from any app, and paste the attachment directly into Agenda. It’s pretty amazing really!

A few requests

  1. Render PDF attachments in-line like images, including full width.
  2. Show a media player for audio files (and video files would be cool too, though I don’t use it as much). So an MP3 / M4A would show a play button right in the note.
  3. Export / drag multiple attachments at once. On macOS it’s currently one-at-a-time.

My use case that would benefit is keeping a musical journal. I export a PDF of sheet music and an MP3 and add them to Agenda. Rendering PDFs would let me see a thumbnail / a decent size in full width, and a media player gives me one-click access to play a sound.

Of course today I am able to view the PDF and audio file by tapping them, so it’s already quite convenient. These suggestions would just make it that much more polished.

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Hi Pat,

Sorry for the delay. We are a bit short staffed during the summer months :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like most of how we tackled attachments.

PDFs do show up as images on macOS, and we are just making this same feature available on iOS at the moment. Will probably appear when the pencil feature is released with iOS 13.

An audio player is a good idea. On the list.

Dragging out multiple attachments should be possible. It is complicated a little by the fact that we are dealing with text. I guess we could detect if there is only attachments present, then we just put those on the pasteboard. Will look into it.

Thanks again!

For me, this really only matters on macOS.

I’m not trying to select a part of the document that includes multiple attachments – I’m trying to command-click on multiple attachments to select them. But clicking on one brings up the attachment info panel.

So, command-click to multi-select, and then drag to the desktop, is how I would want to do this. But perhaps you have better ideas :slight_smile:

I see what you mean, but in a text editor, even the attachments are really part of the text. What you ask for is reasonable though, and we will see if we can make that happen in future.

FYI dragging a single attachment works exactly as I expect. I can click and hold on an attachment, and drag it out. It’s just not being able to multi-select attachments.

Anyway, thank you for considering this request.

We’ll add it to the list. Thanks!

For editing attachements in notes in external apps, add Edit In Place feature :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, this is definitely on the list.