Weird note Icon after Update

What I did:
Update to Agenda 2.0

What happened:
The circle left to the note’s title looks like this: 32

What I expected:
A clear looking icon.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest High Sierra.

Is this on a non-retina screen? We’ll have a look, thanks for reporting!

Looks good on the Macbook but like this on the external one.

It’s resolution is 2560x1440 on 25".

Ok, will investigate, stay tuned

Hi Jan,

Do you still see this issue? I have trouble reproducing it. Does it happen when you drag Agenda from one screen to the other perhaps?

Hi Alexander,

yes, I still see the issue.
When I switch screens I the icon changes as soon as the mouse switches to the lower resolution screen.
It also occurs if I quit Agenda and open it directly on the screen.

Now I tested it again with my MacBook closed (one screen) which fixes the issue.
So it seems to be related to multiple screens where one is retina and the other isn’t.
But the state is tied to the state when the app is opened.

Following scenarios (R == Retina, N == non Retina)

Start with R and connect N --> Error
Start with N and connect R --> Correct
Start with R & N --> Error

So it does not happen when started on a non-retina screen only.
And it only happens on the non-retina screen. It also is not specific to the 2.5k monitor, it happens on “regular” 1080p as well.

OK, thanks for the update, I think I’ve fixed this now, should be in the 2.1 update. Thanks for your help!

Update: we’ve just released the 2.1 update in beta, would be great if you could let us know if it indeed fixes the issue.

Do I get a beta invite or should I wait for the release?

See Help us Beta Test Agenda

Ah, didn’t see that, as I have the App Store version installed

In 2.1 it is fixed :+1:

Sorry, the last days were a bit stressy, so I didn’t come around to test the beta.
But I will install the not AppStore version now so testing a beta won’t be too much effort.

Great, thanks for testing and helping us fix the issue!